Being Awesome

Hi guys. It's a pretty long time I didn't post anything on my blog. I was so busy of doing things I tried to do my best. The last post I made was written when I was on holiday. There were so many things I've done, many things I've been through and learned.

Recently, I've joined in the club house of Casa Grande. It's not a club for having some alcohol drinks I said, it's a club of sports actually. I join for fitness, aerobic, and swimming. Guess what? I'm good in one sport only. Aerobic. I can't barely believe that I tried so hard to push my self into fitness and finding those fucking fitness motivation. Another crazy thing, I let my mother paid me for 400 thousands rupiah minus gocek for a large-large-large-large-large-large-large-large swimsuit. I've bothered mom and dad. Oh God, what a sin.

In other side, I think I become more sociable to people. I have several networks of  health advice. So, lucky me I can take some positives advantages of being so busy with the things like this.

I want to go back to the title of this post. Sometimes I really want to be an awesome girl. I can do this, that, that, that, and more, but then I feel depressed. This semester I have 22 credits to finish well. I take the class of research for literature and linguistic. My lecture persuade, no, suggested me to take it, so I take the risk. There's also a special request in the class of Expression Orale. We (me and my friends) have to perform a theater in December. We'll have a tough challenge of being discipline for the practices all night long. Those make me think how hard the 5th semester that I have. But then I realize that it's nothing. I have no other choices. All I have to do after all is just working hard.

Hmmm, I've told the college story. The organisation story? Do I have to mention it? Well, so far is so good. I've been doing some "so-called" reportage. After having a great workshop with Sudjiwo Tedjo in FBS UNY, soon I'll be in the press conference of NOAH, new band of Ariel and friends that used to named as Peterpan. Today, at 4pm in Santika Hotel. Magent Radio's crews have done an event too. The broadcasting workshop with Awang and Prita from Geronimo FM as the speaker. It was fun though.

Oh, a friend in my class has just married this month. I had to go to his reception actually, but then something happened and all the plan was just cancelled. Though it's still disappointing for the brides and groom maybe, I'm still have my words to visit as soon as possible if they move to Yogyakarta.

Well, the mid-term is coming. I'm on my way to be ready of it. The presentations, the proposal, the reportage, the practices, and all, let's make a deal of being a great success in the end of this 5th semester! Fighting!

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