How old are you guys?

Well, I know it's kinda privacy for several people cause sometime it's like a very sensitive issue to be asked. It happens to me sometime. I mean being too sensitive about age. Plus when after being asked, the person who ask saying like "OMG you're so old"
Oh. Shut up. Like you will be as older as me. That's my highest level of sarcasm. IYKWIM

I'm 22 y-o and still undergraduate. I've spent 4 years at college and haven't done my thesis while my idol who's in the same grade as me, SNSD Seohyun, has just graduated from Dongguk University. She's busy as hell while me, I'm just playing around, being lazy and lack of duty sense.

I have done extending my semester in university, finally. Now I'm busy arranging a Stand Up Comedy event with my friends and there will be my boyfriend too on the stage plus I'm a BIPA tutor right now, so soon I'll be busy tutoring the foreign students in Bahasa Indonesia class. I'm already close with some of them but I have to be professional. They're here to learn Bahasa and Indonesian cultures. I should learn more and more.

Ah, 20s isn't about having fun all the time anymore. I know that I have to concern more on my family, on my career, on my study, but still have fun. The future seems dark sometime but I put my optimistic in the highest level so I won't be scared of it anymore. I have so many plans to do but one of the most essential task in college like take forever to be started.

Alright. I'll finish it soon. 6 months? Alright.

Being 20s, so many thing pop up in my mind and they're just like "which one should be done first" things. Argh. Plus, I have to think more about having a new house for a new life after college. I really want to have my own house and live alone sometime. To be with my parents all the time makes me dependent on them, I think. Still a random plan actually but well, maybe someday it will come true.

It has to be true.

At least now I have a job to do and my final project is still in process. Hope the progress can be done in the beginning of next year. I really want to go outside the city and explore the world to study more. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

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