First Impression On Stand Up Comedy

Good evening guys! How's your weekend? I hope you guys have a super great time this weekend.

By the way, do you like watching comedy event in television or in live event? Do you follow comedy accounts in twitter or other social medias? You do? What kind of comedy that you like? How about stand up comedy? Have you ever heard about that before or do you know what stand up comedy is?

For me, comedy is something that essential and important. What life will be if comedy doesn't exist anymore? It'll be nightmare I think. Bring those jokes about yourself out while having lunch with your colleges can make your lunch moment more cheerful. Or maybe telling jokes you found in internet to your boyfriend/girlfriend will make your date even more romantic. It's a good thing to laugh when you're with your loved one.

I like watching comedy and following accounts that tweeting jokes or sarcasm in twitter. I can go HAHA or HAHAHA or HAHAHAHAHA depends on the joke itself. I liked watching "Kethoprak Humor" when I was in elementary school. I watched it at 10pm and my mom always got angry whenever I laughed to loud in the mid-night cause everybody at home had fell asleep at that time. It was epic though.

As time goes by, there so many various shows in television. The comedy shows develop as well. Stand up comedy has been a choice of comedy show recently. In Indonesia, it was started by Metro TV and Kompas TV. Maybe some of you have ever known about "Stand Up Comedy Indonesia" or what people call as SUCI show. Pffft. I wonder why Indonesia like to make abbreviation for everything sometime. The first time I heard that show name, I was like, "Suci? What kind of holy show is that?". Suci means holy in Bahasa Indonesia. But then I found out if that's Stand Up Comedy Indonesia. Okay.

I wasn't a fan of stand up comedy before. I like watching it but I'm not a fan-girl of any specific comic. But since the end of 2013, I start watching stand up event on my campus. There's a stand up comedy community in my campus called Stand Up UNY. It was formed by my senior in Magenta Radio, Dicki Mahardika. He's a genius and hard-worker. He has that "kimchil" look so people can't recognize him as an adult. HAHAHA. He created Stand Up UNY with the help of some of his friends in Magenta Radio and other communities in Yogyakarta as well. Now, Stand Up UNY is one of stand up campus communities which so well-known in Yogyakarta and has the most follower in twitter compared to other twitter account of stand up campus communities. I've joined this community recently since dating one of its comics.

S is a comic in Stand Up UNY. Yea I'm dating a stand up comedian, doesn't mean I'm laughing all the time but most of the time with him I through it by laughing. No difference. Pffft =))

To be able in stand up community, I don't waste my time only for enjoying the show. I learn a lot from that community like... A LOT. How do you have to speak and explain what you want to explain properly, how to make jokes related the theme of your explanation, how to be confidence in front of audience who watch your performance, how to amuse people with you expression, and so on. So many things I learn from stand up comedy. I'm not learning how to be comedian, no, but at least I know how they work hard to amuse people. It's good to be applied in communication with others. Good to be applied in presentation, meeting, or when you have to be a host in an event.

One thing that I won't ever forget: to be comedian isn't easy. Comedian especially stand up comedians are genius, actually. They look beyond other perspective which people rarely to take a look. They criticize things in smart ways. They are NOT cheap comedians who tell a joke which mock people's poorness only. They make you shock with "unexpected-thought" 

In Indonesia, stand up comedian like Pandji is my favorite one. I like how he explains things related to politic, economy, even social critics in fun way. He acts silly too sometime. Well, a comedian has no shame to express things, remember. I like Uus too. He's..... how to say it, stupid in smart way. Indonesian called it as "tolol". HAHAHA. In Yogyakarta, Mukti Entut is an unbeatable stand up comedian. S really is passionate when telling me about Mukti's jokes. I like S too, of course - since he's my boyfie HAHAHAHAHA. No that's not it. He's smart. He's good and still develop as well. He's a mentor for newbies in his Stand Up SMA Jogja and Stand Up Indo Jogja. He likes sharing which means he cares a lot to regeneration of stand up comedian in Yogyakarta. One of reasons why I love him 

That's an intermezzo. Skip!

I already explained a lot about comedy especially stand up comedy. It's well-known in America, Australian, and England. It's still developing in Indonesia and hopefully can be a good alternative for entertainment show. If you're looking for videos of stand up comedy, go find in youtube and... happy laughing!

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