Take A Look

Walking through a street that full of shops on its side. I was wondering why people sometime carelessly walk in and buy things that they don't even need. Well, I think I have to make sure my self to take a look for once. I walk in to a big shop that full of plus size clothes and shoes, wandering inside of it, tried some of them and look at the mirror when I was about to make sure my look.

When I look at the mirror, I see a big girl, let say a plus size woman, standing. She's... big. Wearing that purple outfit from top to toe. A Javanese girl, wearing hijab as her identity, and tried a black plus size shoes which looks so stunning. But, wait a minute... she's like a loner somehow. Her eyes tell that she cries often in her room for no reason. Meanwhile her lips tell that she talks a lot to people... and to herself. Suggesting that everything's alright even a big problem covers her mind sometime. She has that chubby cheeks, telling that her friends like to pinch, poke, or kiss her cheeks when she meets them. That plus size body of her tells that she's fit. Even she's big, she likes to go to aerobic class. She's like a cat, a big female cat, the pretty one of course, who likes to go anywhere she wants, to meet other God's creatures and being friend with them. Though she's shy sometime, but she's trying hard to be friendly, to be able in various communities and learn things through their stories. She's me. I am me. I am a kind of cat that looks-like-a-lazy-cat who works its ass off to be not lazy.

"Let's go outside, dude" | "Nope."

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