Retour à la Routine

I begin a new week, finally, after the hectic of Global Culture Festival 2014 and worked at a book store in Sudirman St. I've done #SehariMenuliSatu project of Swaragama FM too. Finally I'm back to routine as a final-semester-student and also a BIPA's tutor of International Office UNY. I get a new schedule twice a week now: private lesson. Alhamdulillah for this new hectic-ness. I also start to go to aerobic class again after such a long hiatus before. This will be great, actually. I want to keep productive from now on. Sometime I get confuse of this new routine cause I have some sudden plans with my friends or S  I'm not sure and I don't really know how to deal with a sudden appointment. Do I have to get extra time to finish my work and get less sleep? Oh no, I sleep too much actually HAHAHA. Yeah I think I really want to keep myself busy and productive so I won't be that kind of lazy bunny anymore.

By the way about GCF 2014, OMG it was so amazing! I was so thrilled and excited. I feel relieved that everything was going well and great. I think about rewind the time that I have so I can join KUIK several years ago or at least a year ago. Like they said "penyesalan selalu datang di belakang" but I'm not. Well a bit. I'm blessed with the chance that I get now and I'll value it in the future.

After a busy week of Global Culture Festival, me and my BIPA's tutor friends and also the students of Darmasiswa and KNB went to Ngandong Beach in Tepus, Gunung Kidul. It was so beautiful and I'm so happy. I really want to go to beach with my friends but I never had a chance to go together so last Friday was precious to me.

After going to Ngandong Beach on Friday, I went to Manga Fest 2014 in Jogja National Museum with S. It was so excited that actually I could go hangout with S by Trans Jogja again. Hihihi. And we were laughing together at a very epic story of mine which was about pranking someone. LOL. I couldn't resist myself laughing everytime I know that it's finally and totally over by yesterday.

Okay, let's focus again.

So, in Manga Fest 2014 actually I really wanted to join in the workshop for dubber. I'm still curious with dubbing world. I'm still dreaming to be a dubber sometime. I hope someday a production house will give me a chance to be its dubber for a cartoon or other. Hihi. But, unfortunately I couldn't go. It's closed and I had to make a RSVP for the seat *sobs* Well, no problem. There's still possibility to join it in the future. Then S and I went around the museum to see the comics exhibition. All of them are great and I couldn't make an easy decision of which one to choose! I hope Indonesia will have great industries of comic just like Japan someday.

So, that's a little review of what I did in last two weeks. I was having fun and I'll continue to have other fun as well. Hihihihi. See you in the next post!


Ron said...

Takoyakinya sepertinya enak :ngiler

Iva Lativa said...

Iya memang enak sekali :9

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