The Smile Of Evening Breeze

I sat alone letting the time passed at your apartment. Watching fishes in your aquarium through silence. They were swimming around like happy kids in amusement park. The wind blows hard as the windows closed. You came and walked towards without me realizing. You gave me a sudden back hug. I startled and got breathless a little. But then you whispered "I miss you" and my heart felt warm.

You took my hand, lead me to the balcony. You put my hand gently in the air. Let me feel the freshness upon the atmosphere. The evening breeze, attacked me softly with all its kindness. You got closer to me, closer till there was no space between us. Put your head down and act like you were praying to God. "Make her my first, my last, my least, my every single O2 you gives me to breath and stay alive". I smile as I close my eyes. The evening breeze, blend with you, with me, and with your wish.

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