Meet and Greet of #88LoveLife

Too many things happened yesterday. OMG. I think I was going to explode just because of my over-thinking thought. I was so moody and even cried on a date. It was like minutes ago I was happy, bright, and cheerful then minutes after that I was sad, gloomy, and annoying. This wasn't good at all. Girls, don't do it. Please I beg you just don't do it. It's so immature, okay?

But fortunately, my boyfriend helped me through it. I told him what the problem is, cried cause I couldn't help it, and as he held my hand, he gave me some advice that wake me up. We went to a brainstorming session last night and thanks to him, now I feel sooo much better. Well, I have a self-inferior issue actually. I feel useless, stupid, and blank. But now I think I'm just over-thinking. I'm a lazy bunny who think too much without putting effort to work for it. That's my problem. So now after I realised, what I have to do is keep going forward. Even it's slow, but I hope someday I can get what I dream of. InsyaAllah.

About yesterday, I met one of fashion blogger who I really admire for about 7 years since I was in high school. It's Diana Rikasari! Aaaaaaakkkk I feel blessed just to get a chance to meet her in person because finally I met her! One of important things that I learned from her is kindness. Life has its ups and downs. You can't control people, make them loving you for who you are. What you can do is being kind to people whoever they are even they don't like you at all. Just live with it. Be the best version of yourself. You can be who you really are and do what you really love. If people don't agree with your decision, just keep working on silence and let the success make the noise. Remember that God will always lead you to right way.

I think my eyes are teary right now...

She can inspire people through her #88LOVELIFE book. Almost everyday I get notification email if she posts anything on her blog and sometime she wrote a reflection of her life that also reflect mine. Everytime I read it, I nod and say... ah, so it's like this. I think I have to do the same trick too to my own problem. Hehehehehe. Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring people, Kak Diana.

Long queue won't let me down!

With The Illustrator and The Author of #88LOVELIFE
Dinda Puspitasari and Diana Rikasari.

Got my book signed by Kak Dinda and Kak Diana! \o/

The most favorite quote and illustration of Kak Diana and Kak Dinda.
Sums up my life too I think.

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