3 Reasons Why We Love KPop

When you read the title above, many of you perhaps don’t understand what “KPop Fan” is. Well, actually it’s pretty clear that the meaning is the fan or someone who idolize KPop or Korean Pop. KPop is so well-known nowadays and I admit that I’m of the fans of KPop.

Some of you maybe think about how wasting it’ll be to be a KPop fan. I mean, the time we waste for spazzing after watching variety show, music video, interviews, reading articles related to our bias/idol and fanfic. LOL. It’s true. But there are some advantages if you’re a fan of KPop. What are they?

1. We know how to make ourselves happy.

We, I mean KPop fans, tend to be happy instantly while listening to our favorite KPop music or watching the video of our idol. Simple right? No need wasting time to be upset. We know exactly how to release our stress too. When we’re stress, what do we do? Yes. Spazziiiiing like crazy. We tweet a lot, we notice that. We write shits about how gorgeous and lovely our idol look. But this is how we make everything to be better. We’re like forgetting our problem for a while when we do this.

3. We’re motivated to be success just like our idol. 

We know exactly the process of our idol to be success. They don’t just sit around and being lazy. They work hard and that’s the point that we look at our idol. We take good examples and try to apply them in our lives. 

For example, I love Girls’ Generation aka SNSD. One of the member, Tiffany, is a very proper person, smart, and bright. She can make the mood of people around her boost up and her ability on organizing schedule is so great! She’s very active! She inspires me a lot. First time she came to South Korea, she couldn’t speak Korean that well and now… she’s the most talkative girl in SNSD and even have her own show in TV that hosted by herself. I learn so much from her.

3. We’re loyal. 

You don’t need to ask how loyal a KPop fan is. We’re like… I don’t know how to say it, keep loving our idols although we already have boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, I’m talking about me actually. 

When I was single, I thought that I love KPop because I’m single. Thought I was wrong. I have a boyfriend now and I still love SNSD just like when I was single. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can’t deny it. SNSD is even more gorgeous nowadays. 

Some of KPop fans may be obsessed but it doesn't mean that we forget to do other things. So many judgmental statements to KPop fans lately about we're getting furious about people who don't like and mock KPop. As KPop fans, I take that as misunderstand only. The thing is, I'm not that obsessed to KPop. I love it but I'm not that obsessed like thinking about it all the time or buying KPop goodies as much as I can.

No. I'm a realistic fan. If I don't have any money, I won't buy anything related to KPop that easy and if I have money, I will spend my money to something more important than KPop goodies or something. Let's be wise on what we like and what we need too, okay?

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