Mom's Feeling

Last week on Friday, my Mom left for accompanying my grand-parents in Magetan. My grand father is sick and hospitalized because there's inflammation in his lungs. So my Mom decided to be in Magetan for about 5 days. Meanwhile, I stay at home with my Dad because it's gonna be hard for me to catch up with deadlines and college things if I go with my Mom. So I stay at home with some frozen foods made by Mom. The thing is she didn't make enough for 5 days. Because she was in rush to go to Magetan, she left dirty laundry too. My Dad didn't have enough time to do some housework too. So it was like all done by me. I have to get up early, do the laundry, wash the dishes, cook for meals, and clean the house. It's only four simple things but I felt so tired after got them done.

Why my Mom barely asked for me to help her do those house-works? Did she think that I don't have any ability to do it? I feel sorry for her and curse myself a lot after realizing that I'm the daughter who doesn't care about her feeling and tiresome. And also when Dad went home late at night, I was so worry because I was alone at home. My Mom used to be alone at home and no wonder if she asked me to go home earlier or at least at 10 PM.

I know how my Mom struggle with the house-works and loneliness at home now. I know how hard it is to be a mother. I always adore the women out there who has children, working, do the house-work, and take care of her family. Many of them also continue study for Master or Doctoral program. They define what Superwoman is. Taking care of so many things at once is something not all people can do but they do it.

Let's be thankful to our mother. Not by saying "thank you" only, but also help her. Simple things like doing the house works will make her beyond happy. Pray for her day and night so that God gives her the best.

I love you, Mom.

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