Taking Risk and Gambling

Everything in our life are unpredictable. The simple things like who we're gonna meet tomorrow morning, where we'll be for lunch in the afternoon, what kind of event we hit after a crazy hectic day on night, it all happens everyday in life. As good as how we plan the day after today, sometime we just bump into things that may surprise us. Maybe the day will turn out not as exactly as what we want to be. It can be good or maybe it can be bad. Every other day can a be a gift or nightmare. It's more like gambling sometime.

That's how life works. I can't expect the goods all day. Well I expect to have the goods only but I realized that I'm not gonna learn how my life works. We suppose to get new experience by speaking to strangers in order to get help, join to a new community that full of nerds, or taking the class of Korean for the first time. I enjoy the dynamic and its vibe. When I try something new, I never expect something for the feedback. Well, I do but not that I expect too much. I'm more into gambling. Not that kind of gambling when you put all your money, play some cards and you can get all your enemies money after you win or playing in some casinos. No. I'm gambling in order to face the good or the bad. Which one I'll get, I don't know. But I'm sure of one thing: I will learn something as the feedback.

People said don't get in something too much challenging. Don't take too much risk, just go secure and safe. Really? Is it what we're scared of when we don't go into something for the first time? Then when we said that we're not ready, when will we ready? Some people just jump into the chances, while others take their time to watch other people done it. For example, we plan to have lunch with our lecture to discuss a topic related to our interest. But then when the lunch time come, we don't even dare ourselves to step on lecture room. We plan, we cancel, we imagine it happened already, then it never happen. Taking the risks is actually necessary to do what we plan and to achieve our goals.

After all, the decision is on us. Whether we want to do it now and understand the risk as soon as possible or delay it for while and take our time. It's all our choice. We all deserve to choose and let God do the rest of the job after we choose and do it. It's gonna be good or maybe bad. Hopefully, we can always expect the goods to happen. The bad can take their time.

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