From "Payless" To "More Shoes"

Last weekend I went to Galeria Mall to spend the MAP voucher that I got from Gogirl! Magz Style. I planned to spend some on Starbucks and some others on new shoes in Payless. I didn't know how to spend it before because I thought there would be minimal purchase to use the voucher. But no, there isn't any minimal purchase and we can use more than one voucher in every transaction. I just knew it from mbak-mbak SPG in Payless. I managed myself to go to Payless first, then to Starbucks. But After I got in Payless, I was mesmerized by the shoes there. Plus, there was "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promo at that time. I couldn't help myself to not let the chance goes. I let the vouchers gone to shoes and nothing left for Starbucks.

Me spending all my MAP vouchers on shoes like...

So there I was, choosing 3 items to be my new babies! I was so happy to get 3 free shoes that I bought with my MAP vouchers. My size is around 10 to 11 in US size or 42 to 43 in Europe size. It had been difficult for me to find the right shoes especially like flats or heels because in the shoes stores in my city mostly only provide up to size 40 or 41. Yeah, my big feet need bigger than that. So after Payless opened stores in Yogyakarta, I feel blessed. Finding the right shoes can't be that difficult anymore. Although the price is a little more expensive, but it's worthy and last longer than shoes from any other stores. But they were literally free so I won't protest. LOL.

First, I got this cute flat shoes from American Eagle. They're so pretty with blue and white stripes and little red ribbon on their top. The size is 10 and cost only for 230.000 IDR. I'm in love at the first sight with these cutie because the color is so chic and girly. I never had things like these before so after I found out the price, I took them as fast as I can so the other costumer wouldn't take them. But then those ones are free because the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promo is giving the items with lowest price among all items as free and other two as the items I should pay. Alrighty then.

The second are these floral sneakers from City Sneakers with the blue and purple as their domination colors. I wasn't aware of them before because I think I need more flat shoes than sneakers. But I realized that I barely had sneakers since I go to college. So I took them after a long consideration and thinking about the price. They cost me for 250.000 IDR and they're in size 10. I loved the floral motif but not much for the color. But I think they're pretty enough so I took them to cashier.

The third shoes that I got is these peach flat shoes in size 10. The price is 270.000 IDR and I think it's worthy. I wore them on #RedCarpetAADC2 right away after I had done shopping because I bought them only 2 hours before the event. So I decided to change my old shoes with them and they look good! They seem sparkling if I wear them in a formal event like wedding party or formal dinner. I feel lucky to finally buy them because I had been dreaming to have it several months ago when I went to Payless to look around. Alhamdulillah, I have them now!

So, those are the shoes I got from spending all my MAP vouchers in Payless. Lucky me who got three shoes with the vouchers and they were free! MAP voucher is easy to use and it's like spending money. If the value of your voucher is higher than the price of the items you buy, the cashier won't give you the change. But if it's lower than the price of the items you buy, you have to add more money to the cashier. Easy to use, right? Well, I hope I can get chances like this again someday. Hope you'll get it too!


nurismaya septianingsih said...

the first one is soooo pretty <3

Hanifa Setiatmadji said...

Yes they're my favorites <3

Thank you so much for appreciating~

Akarui Cha said...

Woa ... you got them all free. XD

so lucky you.

Hanifa Setiatmadji said...

Yes I am! Hope you'll get the same chance as well! :D

Ema Puteri said...

once i had MAP voucher too, but i spent it at kfc lol.

those shoes are cut overloadddd♥ i loved the third shoes♥

Hanifa said...

Thank you so much :'))

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