#88LOVELIFESoiree in Yogyakarta!

Sunday, 15 May 2016 was one of the happiest day in my life. I finally got a chance to meet my inspiration, Diana Rikasari and Dinda Puspitasari at #88LOVELIFESoiree in Lokal Restaurant. It was also #88lovelifexemina private luncheon. I was announced as one of the winners for #88LOVELIFEBlogCompetition after reviewing #88LOVELIFE Vol. 2 couple days ago. I still can't believe that being blogger for 7 years now will lead me to something great like this opportunity.

Tables on #88LOVELIFESoiree. Photo by Diana Rikasari.

My table at #88LOVELIFESoiree X Emina

The #88LOVELIFESoiree started at 11.15 AM. There are introduction session, sharing session, lunch, then book signing and photo session. The participants were 20 lucky girls from Jogja and other cities. We introduced ourselves one by one and we told stories of how we know Mbak Diana and Mbak Dinda. Some said that they know Mbak Diana from her blog since 2009, her shoes line UP! and from #88LOVELIFE itself. Mostly said they know Mbak Dinda from her illustration for #88LOVELIFE. After introduction, we move to sharing session with Mbak Diana and Mbak Dinda.

The introduction session with all the participants of #88LOVELIFESoiree

On sharing session, we got so many stories and also the untold ones from Mbak Diana and Mbak Dinda. Mbak Diana talked about her childhood, study and career after graduating from university. How she started blogging since 2007 until now, how she build her career as an entrepreneur, and how she knew that her passion is in creative industry. But I just knew that she was bullied by her teachers when she was in Junior High School only because she was critical towards her teachers. I think her teachers were too narrow minded so that she was called so many times by the school counselor. But her mother knows her the best. She didn't think that the problem was Mbak Diana so she only told Mbak Diana to ignore the mocks from her teachers. Another story was about how she tried to be playful with her son, Shahmeer, and told him to jump and have fun on the bed. But then all of sudden the bed was broken due to her too little too much playful jump. HAHAHA.

Mbak Diana shared her stories on sharing session

Mbak Dinda told some stories about her study and career. She was once an employee that decided to resign to start her own clothing line. But it didn't go well so she closed her business line and one day she was contacted to make illustration for some books, including her collaboration with Mbak Diana in #88LOVELIFE. Since then, she knew that her passion was drawing. She opens drawing private course and now she has a job in a company too. She enjoys what she's doing now and I think that it defines happiness for her.

Mbak Dinda signed #88LOVELIFE for the participants of #88LOVELIFESoiree

From sharing session, I can see that success won't ever come in easy way. There will be so many obstacles but in the end they'll be worthy. The ups and downs of Mbak Diana and Mbak Dinda made me realized that as a human being we can't just give up through the hard times. No matter how hard it is, it will eventually end IF we work on it and deal with it.

Then suddenly I remember about my unfinished analysis for thesis *faint*

The sharing session was intimate and we feel like closer to one another. The lunch was ready after sharing session and the participants started to have chit chat time. Beside me was Lulu from Pekalongan. She spent her weekend in Jogja with her family and she felt lucky that she could attend the private luncheon with other participants. Oh, I feel the same too!

Another sharing by Mbak Diana


Non-photoshop vers of Short Ribs Fried Rice by Lokal Resto. Yummy!

After lunch, we the participants of #88LOVELIFESoiree X Emina took photo together with Mbak Diana and Mbak Dinda. We also got our #88LOVELIFE books signed and got a goodie bag with some skincare and cosmetics from Emina!

It was so great for me to meet them again for the second time \o/

#88LOVELIFESoiree is happiness!

Thank you very much for this opportunity, #88LOVELIFE and Emina. We felt truly blessed for the invitation and hope to get another chance as well some other time.


Kartika D Aryani said...

Waaaa ada di Jogja, aku suka banget sama Ka Diana dan Ka Dinda. Buku mereka lucu banget, tapi mereka belum pernah ke Solo kayaknya, huhu

xoxo, Kartika


Hanifa said...

Belum pernah kah? Kalo pas mereka ke Jogja lagi, maen aja ke Jogja. Sekalian jalan-jalan di kotanya :D

Makasih banyak atas komentar maupun kritik/saran membangun dari kamu! Mohon untuk "comment as: Name/URL" supaya saya bisa blogwalking balik yaaa. PS: JANGAN TINGGALKAN LINK DALAM BENTUK APAPUN!

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