Setting Goals

Another month is finally arrived. Closer to mid-year and I think it's still right time to recheck out my annual-goals-list. I felt like several previous months I've been wasting too much time on doing something which not really my priority. Now it's time to refocus and done it all. But I think I might add some other goals in this month.

1. Finish the chapter 4 of my thesis. This been so difficult recently because I used to have my friends to discuss about my difficulties, but now I have to do it myself. It's so hard but I'll put my biggest effort to finish it this month so I can graduate as soon as possible.

2. Cooking for my family on weekend. I never cook for my family before. I used to cook for myself but for my Mom and Dad... no. So maybe it'll be a good thing that I can do for them beside doing the chores daily. I think I'm gonna consulting this to my Mom first.

3. Read more books beside the books for thesis. I missed some books to be read in April. So I think I'm gonna catch up reading some books before buying another one. But I really want to buy #88LoveLife Vol. 2 because I want to join its blog competition. I can't let the chance to get the prize which is dinner night with the writer and the illustrator, Diana Rikasari and Dinda Puspitasari!

4. Do more exercise at home or outside. I have to exercise more after this because last month I didn't spend enough time for working out and my body tends to not feeling well. So maybe some aerobic videos like Zumba or Hip Hop and walk more will help me.

5. Save more money for a new smartphone. Aaaargh my tablet was broken last month. I was so upset because I can't online as longer as I can before because my old smartphone has lack on its battery. But it's actually help me to not waste much time online so.. yeah that's the bright side. LOL. I'm just gonna save more money to buy the new one.

I hope I can reach those May goals and cross all of them in the end on the month. Hope you can reach yours too!


Alek Kurniawan said...

Semangatttt mba untuk goals-nya!!! By the way, keren banget kamu nelurin postingan baru dalam jangka waktu 2-4 hari. Rumusnya apa mbaaa biar konsisten nulis kayak gitu? Hahhaa

Hanifa Setiatmadji said...

Makasih Leeek! Kamu bikin blog planner kira-kira mau nulis berapa kali seminggu dan apa aja yang mau kamu tulis. Tapi kalo aku sih sebenernya reandom aja kebetulan lagi semangat. Nyiahaha. Ya semangatin aja lah pokoknya~~~

Anna Rakhmawati said...

Bon Courage Iva. Wish your plans go well ;)

Hanifa Setiatmadji said...

Mbak Annaaaa merci beaucoup! :*

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