Influence The Universe Through Mandiri ART|JOG|9

The annual international event of art ART|JOG is back in town with its concept "Universal Influence". ART|JOG will be held on 27 May - 27 June 2016 in Jogja National Museum (JNM). This year is the 9th ART|JOG is sponsored by Mandiri and it's rather different than the previous years. It used to be in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY) before, so the change of the location is a little different. there are 97 art installations on Mandiri ART|JOG|9 from 72 artists, including Indonesian artists and foreign artists. The installations including 2 dimension objects, 3 dimension objects, video, site specific object, and performance. The Indonesian artists includes Eko Nugoroho, Agus Suwage, FX Harsono, Garin Nugroho, Nasirun, Titarubi, and many more.

Two tickets of Mandiri ART|JOG|9 and e-money Mandiri

Mandiri ART|JOG|9 has some other programs beside its art installation inside the exhibition location. There are Curatorial Tour and Meet The Artists program. Curatorial Tour is a program for the visitor to be more educated about the art works on Mandiri ART|JOG|9. However, the Meet The Artists program is a forum fo the visitor to meet the artists and open a possible discussion with them. Both of 2 programs are special for the visitor because not only they can enjoy the art itself, but also they can enrich their knowledge about the artist and the whole exhibition.


Overall, it was so special to be able to attend Mandiri ART|JOG|9. For me, the change of the location to Jogja National Museum is a great choice. There are more space to explore and it won't feel too crowded. My favorite art is made by Aditya Novali called "Childhood Memory" where it shown many perspective of how we drew a piece of drawing when we were a child. It was like two mountains with a road on its front and two rice fields. I'm pretty sure it's all Indonesian children imagination. HAHAHA. It's hilarious though. Sadly, some people don't get the joke or even the message of this art work. Some of them only like taking pictures with it. But well, no problem. It's a way to appreciate art too.

 Typical drawing of Indonesian children

My favorite art work by Aditya Novali. I was drawing the exact perspective as what you see there.

So, have you make time to visit Mandiri ART|JOG|9? If you haven't yet, visit it while spending ngabuburit time with your friend this Ramadan. Enjoy the art!


Febri Dwi Cahya Gumilar said...

Kyaaaaak :D ArtJog :D duuuh, kemarin aku nggak sempet kesana sih :D padahal karya-karya yang dipamerin disana gila-gilaan semua :')

Hanifa said...

Waaaah rugi banget njenengan xD Jangan sampe kelewatan tahun depan yaa~ said...

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