May 2016 Favorites: 5 a-MAY-zing Things

Ah, it's already 1st June. I haven't checked all my May 2016 goals but turned out the month was so great. Last month, I had so many special moments. I can say that last month is a-MAY-zing because some amazing moments happened to me. I already posted some of them on my blog. And now I wanted to share some of my favorite things, including a movie that I've watched, events that I've attended, and products that I've been tried last month.

1. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2
This movie is the first Indonesian movie that been driving me crazy! Well, after "Petualangan Sherina" hundred years ago. I just can't get rid of the story of Rangga and Cinta, plus I met the characters of this movie in real person at the premier. Aaaargh. I'm really obsessed of the poem of Rangga in the book titled "Tidak Ada New York Hari Ini" that written by Aan Mansyur. My favorite line was "Kau yang panas di kening, kau yang dingin di kenang". I really can't get those words out of my head. Anyway, the book was sold out EVERYWHERE and I was waiting unpatiently just to get it. Fortunately, Toga Mas book store allowed its costumers to make a pre-order so when they can get it immidately without worrying about  running out the book when its stock arrived. I definetely will watch it again after reading that book.

2. #88LOVELIFESoiree
It was still surreal for me to sit next to Dinda Puspitasari and Diana Rikasari at the private luncheon with Emina in #88LOVELIFESoiree. Got a very rare chance to talk intimately and shared lots of untold stories from both of them. It was sweet and warm. The bond of one another was strong. I got some new friends too. The lunch was delicious and the place was lovely. It was in Lokal Resto where Geng Cinta from #AADC2 had breakfast together on the movie. Hope there will be another great chance to meet them again!

3. Matahari Mall Com Affiliate Program Yogyakarta #MMAJAA
This event was special yet a little awkward for me since I came alone. But I really enjoyed all sessions of it because I learnt so many things that I never knew before. I learnt about SEO, social media engagement, affiliate program, online advertising, and so much more. I made some friends from Kompasiana and Hipwee too. I was lucky to get on that event since I really am confused about developing my blog. I haven't reviewed this event, yet. So maybe later in some post about blogging by the newbie.

4. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream
I've been using this matte lip cream for couple of times last month. Even for only couple of times, it's already become my favorite. As I mentioned in its review, it's still the most haunt lip product from Wardah recently. Luckily, I already have it.

5. Wardah Roll On For Her
Is it weird if I mention a deodorant as my favorite thing last Month? Well, it smells really good. Sometime I forgot to put on cologne but my body didn't smell bad. It was all because this product. I think I'm gonna continue using this for some time.


Elisa Monic said...

ikutan premier aadc2 dan makan bareng diana, such aaaaaaa luuucccckyyyy!!!

Hanifa Setiatmadji said...

Thank you so muuuch :D

Makasih banyak atas komentar maupun kritik/saran membangun dari kamu! Mohon untuk "comment as: Name/URL" supaya saya bisa blogwalking balik yaaa. PS: JANGAN TINGGALKAN LINK DALAM BENTUK APAPUN!

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