Top 10 KPop Playlist June 2016

안녕하세요 요로분~!

Hello everyone! I'm back with KPop topic and it's gonna be the very first time I share about this. I'm gonna make a post about 10 KPop songs on my playlist every month. I'm going to update it monthly so you guys would know what to listen to then you can look for it in case you want something to be recommended. So, here we go!

10. Hoody - Like You

9. Heize feat DEAN - Shut Up and Groove

8. Younha feat HA:TFELT and Cheetah - Get It

7. EXID - Cream

6. AOA - Good Luck

5. Tiffany - What Do I Do

4. Jessica feat Fabolous - Fly

3. EXO - Monster

2. Bada - Flower

1. Luna - Free Somebody

Overall, some of those songs are the hot ones on chart and some of them are the hot ones on my playlist. I got some recommendation of songs from YouTube and I think they're good. But first, let me explain the 10th up to the 1st.

The 10th and the 9th are all new for me. I never listened to Hoody or Heize and Dean before. I listened to their songs yesterday and they get me immediately. The 8th is a song by Younha feat HA:TFELT and Cheetah. I don't recognize who Younha is, but I know who's Cheetah and HA:TFELT. HA:TFELT is Ye Eun from Wonder Girls. Idk why she changed her name into that name but it's kinda a bit difficult to pronounce. The 7th is EXID and it's not the single they're promoting this month. "Cream" is on their new album and for me it's kinda a catch for me. I don't think that "L.I.E" is my type of song, but "Cream" definitely is. The 6th is AOA with "Good Luck"which is still hot on music chart too. It's a fresh song for summer and the MV is just... perfection. Seolhyun... urgh she's absolutely the real angel there.

Move on to the 5th, there's Tiffany with... not "I Just Wanna Dance". It's out of my playlist. I'm sorry. But "What Do I Do" is still staying cause this song is so good and I can't get enough of it. The 4th is "FLY" by Jessica and Fabolous. Still a great song to listen to, so I keep it on my playlist. The 3rd is EXO with their monstrous image on "Monster". They are super handsome monsters after all. I hope I can meet any monster that look like them. HAHAHA. The 2nd is an underrated song for me. It's "Flower" that sang by Bada. I don't know if it's her real name but I think if it is, she really was named after an ocean by her parents. It's beautiful though. She's a very lovely ocean, I think.

And finally, it's the first! The 1st is a very fresh solo debut hits of Luna, "Free Somebody". She looks like a brand new singer in her solo debut and her song got me since the very first time I listen to it. Her live performance proved it all. She sings perfectly and her charisma is so strong on her performance. Her voice is everything! She's a total professional singer. Guess BoA's spirit motivates her a lot. I can see it and it's very positive that she let out who she is on her song.

So, that's all my Top 10 KPop playlist this month. If you have any other recommendations, please tell me on the comment box. Anyway, there are some groups or solo singer who will make their comeback this month. I anticipated them especially SISTAR. How is it gonna be? Let's see later. 


Rahmanovic Mee said...

love Hoody's voice.. the music is also quite nice

Anggi Putri said...

i like all, but first EXO :)

Hanifa said...

Yes it is ;)

Hanifa said...

Great \o/

Handriati Doank said...

aku suka MVnya jessica hihi...

Hanifa said...

Bagus kan Mbaaak :D

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