Top 10 KPop Playlist July 2016

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Hey, everyone! July has already passed its half and it was quite splendid month so far. Anyway, how have you been lately? Me, I'm doing good and excited. Why? Because I've been through the days of this month with great KPop songs on my playlist. Some of them are so good that I put them on repeat mode for quite some times. Some of them are making comeback in the end of last month, some of them making it in the beginning of this month.

Who are they? What kind of genre that contains on their songs? How good it'd be on your playlist? Let's check them out!

10. BEAST (비스트) - 리본(Ribbon)

9. Suzy (수지) - 함부로 애틋하게 (Ring My Bell)

8. J-Min 제이민 X 심은지 - 집 앞에서 (Way Back Home)

7. 차지연 X LDN Noise - My Show

6. NCT 127 - Fire Truck

5. Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

4. JUNIEL(주니엘) - Pisces(물고기자리)

3. 씨스타(SISTAR) - I Like That

2.  태연 (Taeyeon) - Why

1. 여자친구(GFRIEND) - NAVILLERA (너 그리고 나)

So, on the 10th we have BEAST with "Ribbon". I actually quiet surprised knowing that BEAST made a comeback after such a long hiatus and the leaving of Hyunseung. They still got their move, just like the old days. Continue to the next one on 9th, we have Suzy with "Ring My Bell" which is the original soundtrack of drama Uncontrollably Fond that played by Suzy and Kim Woo Bin. The MV is really sweet and I bet the drama will be sweet as well.

Then to the 8th, there's J-Min with "Way Back Home", Cha Jiyeon feat LDN Noise with "My Show" on the 7th and NCT 127 with "Fire Truck" on the 6th. They are all in SM Station and they all have different kind of vibes on their songs. If you want the ballad one, go with J-Min. If you want to boost up your mood to the top, go with Cha Jiyeon & LDN Noise. And if you want to be fired up, go with NCT 127. They are all great!

Head up to the 5th, we have Wonder Girls with "Why So Lonely". The MV is so unique and they quite a sexy band there. Moving on to 4th, we have the viral fangirl of Taeyeon, Juniel, with her song that named after Taeyeons and my zodiac, Pisces. LOL. This song is calming and I can tell that perhaps Taeyeon enjoyed it as well. On the 3th and 2nd, we have the songs that I mentioned on my Top 13 Playlist Lagu Teman Mudik Lebaran, there's SISTAR with "I Like That" and "WHY" sang by Taeyeon. I still get them in my playlist because I just can't get enough of them. Their live performances are strong and they got all the possible power of singers can have on the stage. Well done, babies!

Now for the final, the 1st song on our KPop playlist for this July, I get you G-FRIEND with "Navillera". The reason why I put them as the number on my KPop playlist of this month is simple. They have happy vibe, strong performance, and their song keeps playing in my head for on and on until... I don't know. I can't be bored of them for now on. The MV is so cute yet powerful because even they're girl, the choreography of "Navillera" can be tiring for some people. But they always smile and keep cheering up the audience. I love them! Keep up the great work, girls!

So, that's all for our TOP 10 KPop Playlist for July 2016. I hope you guys enjoy the songs that I suggest here and please leave critics and comments on the box below the post. Don't forget to share this post as well if you like it. See you on the next post!

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