5 Things From Korean Drama That We're Obsessed With

I don’t catch up with Korean drama updates actually. I only watched few and sometime I skipped the wasting dialog on it. ㅋㅋㅋ. One of my favorite K-Drama is You Who Came From The Star. It was great. I also like Princess Hours, Coffee Prince,Naughty Kiss, and Take Care of My Lady. 

The other ones, not so much. Sometime I can guess the typical sequence of romance in K-Drama. Do you know what is it? Well, usually there’s a couple who madly in love and there’s a man and a woman outside the couple who get jealous and try to destroy the relationship that this couple have. Pft. I still like it though it’s so typical. ㅋㅋㅋ.

The last K-Drama that I watched OH MY GOD I'm so yesterday

To be honest, I was obsessed with the lifestyle in some K-Drama stories. The obsession is actually still going on until now including the habit, some places in South Korea, or something else. For example:

1. Taking bus, train, and walk wherever they go. 

I watched lots of scenes where Korean actors taking bus or train to go somewhere. Bus is common public transportation in my hometown. Train? Well, for travelling maybe. But Jakartanese used to take train to go to campus or office. When I was in high-school, I walked a lot. I always walked actually. I began to like it after knowing that Korean walk a lot and it’s good for health too. But I rarely walk now. Laziness. ㅋㅋㅋ

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2. Using Korean mobile phone and chatting apps. 

Back in high-school, I remember how I really wanted to get a flip phone after watching a K-Movie and I still like using it until now. And now the trend is moving on. People use smartphone and Korean mobile company so called Samsung is huge nowadays. 

I remembered finding out in Seoul by myself that Samsung is actually a name of a district. Well, I use smartphone too and I love using LINE, a Korean chatting apps, for connecting with people. The stickers are cute!

3. Eating ramyun or noodle and having minerals while working

Eating ramyun or noodle is quite a habit for Indonesian, especially a college student or office employee. They like to eat Indomie to accompany them finishing tasks, homework, or report. But a thing which not that common for Indonesian is eating noodle right with its pan. My Mom got furious seeing me eat noodle that way. It’s saving energy on washing the dishes though. 

And about drinking, well I don’t know about other people but I drink lots of mineral water everyday. Coffee? Not so much. Just occasionally when I need to stay awake or avoiding sleepiness. Drink soju? No. I don’t take alcohol ever in my life. The strong one, maybe soda. When I get stressed, I drink it the way Korean people drinking a strong soju. You know the expression, right? ㅋㅋㅋ.

4. Working out before off to office and put skin-care before going to bed. 

This is a very healthy lifestyle I get from K-Drama or K-Movie. Waking up every morning, jog a little, shower, and off to office. Honestly, I don’t take skin-care before going to bed. I only wash my face, taking off the make up that I have all day long, brushing, and go to dreamland. It feels fresh.

5. Talking with Korean slang words and aegyo. 

As a Korean culture admirer, I like to blurt something in Korean like saying aigoo, jinjja, jeongmal, saranghae, annyeong, heol, and so on. Sometime I call my boyfriend by saying oppa in an annoying-cute way though he’s younger than me. I’m sure other KPop lovers do the same thing too.ㅋㅋㅋ.

Being obsessed sometime can motivate you a lot to do better. Don’t be too obsessive because too much isn’t good. So, are you obsessed over K-Drama too?

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Lourdes said…
Banget, mbaaak. It's so addictive! Apalagi Coffee Prince.
Salam kenal, mbak Hanifa. Tulisannya menarik. Gk nyangka, ternyata gk cuma saya yang lompat-lompat nonton K-Drama haha
Hanifa said…
Hihihi. Welcome to the cluuuuuub! Banyak kok yang suka dan ikutan bahas :D