What I Wished For My 24th Birthday

Recently I've been optimizing my blogposts and I stumbled upon this post I wrote 6 years ago. Nothing really change up until now but I'm sure I've been growing as a better person myself. It's nice to see how ambitious I was in my 24th birthday.

When I was 24+1

The time of my life is decreasing again. I'm officially 24 three days ago. I feel so unusual about my age. I feel like... I've done nothing but being lazy at home watching Korean shows and dramas. Oh, how wasted my life is. Not too many achievement I got a year before. Well, if you count my internship and tutoring Bahasa Indonesia for international students as achievement, that there it was. I did some freelance and part-time job too. For me, learning something new is the most important thing in order to gain more experience.

Maybe I don't have to be that upset about what I've done. Duh.

Some of things that I listed last year on my 23rd haven't been here right. I'm still struggling a lot for thesis, I still on trial to be healthier and fit, I still lack of attitude and capability to do something right, and so on. Even though I'm still lack of so many things, I will always try my best to do everything on my own and be more discipline. This year, I also plan on developing skills on some particular things, like:

1. Learn more foreign languages

I've been learning French in college but by the time goes by, I don't speak French as often as before. Therefor I will learn more to increase my ability on speaking French and also I really want to take DELF B2 this year. 

Beside that, I will start to learn Korean after thinking that it's my dream to be able to go to South Korea again, maybe to be on trip, to go study, or work as Bahasa Indonesia's teacher. I will take Korean course right after I graduated from college this year. I hope I can have my graduation ceremony in May 2016.

2. Try some recipes every week

I admit that I'm not good at cooking now. But I'm sure that I can make something delicious for my family. Soon I really want to get in the kitchen with my Mom and try to cook for family dinner or just for myself. I will get cooking time on my schedule and try to upload it here on my blog. I think to get some critics and advice from you guys will be great.

3. Make DIY project every weekend

If there's no schedule on weekend, I will make my own DIY project. I love looking for DIY projects on Pinterest. My Dad is so good on it. He made some furniture at home and they look good when he placed them on the right spot. 

If he's good at such thing, I think I will be good too. In fact, I get so much personality on me from him, like getting mad immediately to a wrong situation and get it straight. It's a bit bold, huh? LOL. I'm sorry.

4. Save more money for Hajj, house, and married

Saving is important. I have to save more if I want to have my own house and for my future family. Maybe I will open three different accounts for those needs. I really want to have car too but maybe car isn't the priority. 

After having family and house, I will think about saving for car. I also want to go Hajj with my Mom and Dad. It'll be great if later I can Hajj with my husband and my parents-in-law if I have my own family. InshaAllah there will be way to reach this dream of doing Hajj together with the whole family.

5. Live healthier and be more active day by day

In my progress of finishing thesis, I realize that I become lazier not as active as before. I don't know why but I feel like I have no motivation to do things more frequent than before. This isn't good by the way. I promise to be more active, eat healthily, get more exercise, and sleep on time. 

I've been having hard times on keeping myself on time when it comes to sleep. Sleep is indeed a very great thing to have as adult. But I often sleep late after watching a bunch of dramas. I will try hard to fix my lifestyle.

6. Write daily on blog

Euh, this one is like... I've been planning on this recently but I still figure out hardly what I should write everyday. Writing is something that I find exciting especially when someone relate what I write with their lives. So start from now on, I will try the best to write more often.

7. Go for an adventure and vacation once/twice a year

I desperately need vacation for sure. My parents are a bit protective when it comes to me going on trip to other cities. Well, this year I plan for graduating from college and InshaAllah can get a job that can pay me for vacation. So if God let me, I really want to go have vacation with my friends, with my family, or I just go by myself later.

So far, those are what I plan for this year. This list may be getting longer or just stay like this. I hope I can make it true and do it for sure. The very next big plan is finishing thesis and graduating from college. I will work as hard as I can to be able to attend graduation ceremony as Bachelor of Education this May. Let's be optimist and work hard on what we want to achieve. Fighting!

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