5 Particular Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging

In this digital era, many people love to engage each other by posting things on social media. People prefer to express themselves on social media by uploading photos, thought, articles, and so on. Me personally, I like to socialize with people through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and many others. I also like to post something on blog like this.

But I can say that not so many people around me do blogging like few of my friends and I do. They say they can't write long and blogging seems a little boring. Is it? Well, I still love blogging. Here I share some reasons why I choose to be blogger and why you need to start it.

1. Healer and Reflection

Just like anti-depressant, writing is something that can heal me. I write about it on my blog header because it really is. Other than that, I feel like I'm not only expressing myself through writing on blog.

I do reflecting a lot on my blog. Sometime I feel like the majority feeling in my heart is negativity. But then when I write something on blog, I look for something positive behind that kind of negativity. It keeps me balance and help me finding other perspectives.

writing is somehow like looking on the mirror

2. Sharing and Helping

I share a lot of things about me and my thoughts on blog. Things that some people may feel and think the same way. Things I shared like relationship, dreams, or opinions are things that some people out there may experienced before.

Sometime I wrote about my insecurities too and people can relate with their own insecurities. From what I share, I courage myself and also other people who read it. It feels good when people gain courage after reading my thoughts through this blog. I feel like I help them quitting from the desperation.

3. Self-Actualization

I admit that writing on blog is part of my self-actualization. Most of things that I write are about me and I do share my opinion a lot on this blog. I want people know more about me through what I write on my blog. You might say that my style of writing is like other blogger out there.

Perhaps it's true because I do blog-walking and like to mix some of other bloggers writing style. I still think that my writing is original because I write it myself and I do back-link if I find something from other sources. The thing is, blogging makes me feel confidence about myself. Because my writing may not about me. It can be other things. But it's me.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

I don't know the very first person who said it but it's true. I can't say that my writing's good, especially when I write in English, because my first language is Bahasa Indonesia. But I really want to be fluent in English. It's my way to practice what I got from watching movies or TV series without subtitle. LOL.

Besides, if I write articles in English, I'm sure there will be various audience from around the world. I write articles in Bahasa Indonesia too when I feel I really want to express something that can be difficult to be expressed in English.

practice is learning and progressing

5. Hobby as Job

I started my own blog since 2009 when I was in High School. I have some blogs but this blog is the blog that accompany me through a lot back in High School and college. I did modify this blog for several times like costumize the template and layout or editing some posts and the name of this blog.

Later I want to take blogging seriously, make it my own field to make money and make a live from it. I want people to notice me from my blog too someday. I'm still working to have more audience, subscriber, and readers on it. I hope I can re-modify this blog to be more "grown-up" look. So I guess I will keep writing and keep progressing to be a better blogger.

Things about being blogger is don't mind ourselves about people who won't read it. Keep blogging and share it as many as possible so people will recognize what you write. Happy blogging, peeps!

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Elisa Monic said…
for me, nomer 1 dan nomer 5 adalah yang paling saya banget. haha

Hanifa said…
Nggak cuma curhat tapi bisa dijadiin pekerjaan ya mbak :D