What's The Deal in Relationship?

Do you know that everyone has their own flaws? Yes, they have. Including me as an ordinary girl who's still learning about dealing with so many new things in this world. One of those things is relationship.

People say that I'm adult who can decide what's good for me and which one is bad. I had no experience about having a relationship when I was teenager. I was busy doing several things but fell in love deeply. I had once when I was in high school but he dumped me. I was hurt and didn't have any courage to be in relationship anymore.

Until one day, for about two years ago, I fell hard into love. I finally have someone who loves me back for who I really am. He's like someone who I don't believe does exist in this world. It's hard to find a guy that loves me back because... who the hell will love a fat chubby girl that's not pretty at all? Yes. Him.

From the beginning, it was quite challenging. I had to deal with his past, our priority towards one another, the age difference, and so many other things. It was hard. It's still hard up until now. But despite all the hardship of being in relationship, there are also many things that make us grow wiser and the bond is getting stronger.

We never hesitate to be open to one another. Problems are our daily meals. When we have problems, we never shut another one down. We like to talk about it heart to heart. Sometime we were mad, lost our patience, and cried. That's us. But after the storm, there will be a beautiful day. After a long debate of those problems, there will be something that we learn together as a couple and as an individual itself.

There's no perfect couple. We're not perfect at all but sometime people tell us that we're perfect together. Well, we go out a lot but we rarely show our romance publicly because the love we feel is inclusive. It's ours and it's better to be our things in private. I think the more we feel secure about our relationship, the less we show it off.

We fight, of course. But once we do, we forgive each other after. Sometime I feel like my study isn't going well because of him. I think too much about him. My world suddenly revolves only around him. But then I realize, it's all in me. I have to be balance in managing time for me, my family, my study, my friends, and him. Because relationship is about to be ourselves, but with someone else.

Relationship is something that can be complicated. It's not easy when two personalities handle the ego of one another. All we have to do is let it be open. Secret can be good but it can go bad when it's something that the couple should be open about. Anything can lead a relationship into a breakup if the two can't handle it.

Relationship goal is to make one another to be more mature and happier. The flaws or mistakes will always be there. It's our job to face it and deal with it by forgiving. Forgiveness is the key to happy life. So yes, let's make our relationship full of the worth and happiness.

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Nice thought :*

I think another important thing is how to compromise with one another. Before you were together, it's only about you, your need, your wish. Once you're together, there's his need and his wish also. Sometimes it cannot both be achieved. Someone might sacrifice his/her wish for another, and even get hurt by that. It can be dangerous in the long term. Learning how to compromise can help your relationship stay healthy.

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along"

Sorry for bad english ��
Hanifa said…
Well said Koko :')

If there's no butterflies, at least we always remember the first butterflies feeling when we're with our lover :')