5 Rules To Stick With After Breaking Up

Moving on from your former lover isn't an easy thing. Whether you two broke up in a good way or a bad way, there will be one or perhaps two of you who feel hurt and feel like don't want to let go. But if it happened, you gotta move on, right? Do you really want to stuck on your ex forever? We all know it's difficult. So, how to get it over?

1. Cut the access of communication until you're ready

It seems childish but it's one of effective ways get over a former relationship. You need time and space to forget your ex and it's gonna take time to heal the pain. To give the space for yourself and your thoughts about your ex, just cut all access of communication, including phone number and social media.

It's the way to keep yourself away from attaching too much to your past. It's the very first base to help you to let go. Despite the fact that the two of you have been in a relationship, you still can feel attach tho you already through break up.

2. Throw away things your ex gave to you

Do this if keeping the stuffs your ex gave you make you feel uncomfortable. But if you want to keep some of your favorites, no problem. Just keep in your mind that keeping the stuffs from your ex won't make two of you back together. If it's over then it has to be over. 

3. Don't spread hatred over your ex or his/her new partner

Sometime after breaking up, you still feel a major pain cause by the tragedy that you had with your previous relationship. The feeling of disappointment could make you say something bad about your ex, especially on social medias. Also it could lead you to big misunderstanding if your ex decides to date another man/woman after breaking up with you.

The wise way to get rid of it is that you don't have to speculate too much about what you didn't know and happened in the past. If you really want to focus on yourself, just leave it behind and just simply forgive them by not talking negatives about them.

4. Keep yourself busy by doing positive activities

Forgetting the pain of the past is hard. In that case, you should take further steps to make it feel easier. Trying to do something new like something that you never had done before can be a great help. Other things like joining new communities and make more new friends can make you feel better. In fact, it can give you new experience that you might not have before and you can learn lots new lessons from it.

5. Don't get rush on forgetting

Everything takes process, including the process of moving on. Don't hate yourself too much if it's too difficult to forget. Do what work for you because not all those tips above may work. Be selective on what effective most.

If you're not ready for the next relationship, you don't have to push yourself to get in one. It will only hurt your next partner if the shadow of your ex still there in your heart. Take it slow when you need more time to refocus on yourself more.

Breaking up can left you a wide open wound. The key is to forgive yourself for what did happen in the past. Don't blame yourself too much and let yourself develop to something that is more positive. So, are you ready to move on?

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inezdiva said…
I'm in this situation right now. And I am trying to rebuild myself for being better person. Thankyou for the tips hehe

Hanifa said…
It's for the best, InsyaAllah :')