Are We "Blogger" Enough?

It's been quite long time for me to not writing something like this. I've been busy crashing on articles and blog-post related to blogging and SEO thing. Well, I have this ambition about getting money by blogging. Turns out, it won't be that easy to get a real job as blogger. It's a process and nothing comes instant to something as worthy as turning your hobby and passion into your career.

My hobby is writing. It's always been my media to talk about something. Anything. Well, since I like thinking too much. And when the ambition of money gets on me, suddenly it's all about the perfect post, the high recommended article, the viral content so whats-ever. Not that I'm not trying to work on it, but too much expectation to get into it faster just make me feel exhausted.

Trying to understand how it works

One day, I came into a blogger gathering event for an e-commerce affiliation program. It was something new for me. I didn't take on of my friends to join me because I don't know which one of them attracted to blogging world.

So there I was, came alone by myself on an I-never-went-to-something-like-that event. It was so awkward for me because all other people seem to know someone else on the event. And me? I only knew the MC because he's a cousin of my old friend and a friend of my friends who work on radio.

Fortunately, there's a woman who's really nice and kind to me. She decided to sit next to me and talked with me. I also made friend with a man and a girl that study in the same faculty with me. But even I made some friends there, I still felt left. I knew nobody and I felt like I stood alone for myself. After all, I really want to learn something new and get more information as much as I can get.

At that event, I learnt so much about blogging, SEO, affiliation program, making money through blogging and other stuffs. When I saw the other people there, I realized that maybe I'm the one with no self-domain and still using this free blogging platform. The other people already made money from their blog or they already work in a company as web admin, and I just... a student with too many semesters extension with no specialty.

This is a good thing but it's confusing

To be honest, I feel less blogger once I get in that kind of environment. What's define a blogger? Is it a person who's blogging only? Is it a person who's blogging and make dollars out of it? Or is it a person who's blogging and get such fame from it?

I don't know exactly what defines it. I think it all depends on how people look at it. I might be not a blogger enough since I mostly talk about myself here. I don't share a lot of things about blogging. I don't think I'm capable to share things about it. I might learn about it but I don't know how to share it. Is that make me blogger-less?

I don't know. I still feel blogger-less after all. If people ask me if I'm a blogger, maybe the answer will be "I write on blog". I don't think that the title of "blogger" has fit for me. Yet. Blogger, for me at that moment, was someone who can make money by blogging. It's all about influencing people, getting lots of traffics, get dollars as their payment, have lots goodies from various brands that they work for, and so on. 

So here I am, trying the best I can to be "a blogger"

But then I realized, thinking about such material will not make me enjoy blogging. I love to write about my thoughts in English like this. But when I published an article in English, the traffic didn't seem hot enough for me.

I'm not being myself when I think too much about traffic. And the talk about "niche", oh my God I really don't have any idea what will my "niche" about. Can I just categorize my "niche" into "others" or in this case my "niche" is "20-something-girls-talk-about-random-things"?

Despite of all those opinions, I think I'm gonna stay be myself here. I know that not every "be yourself" thing will make me a professional blogger. But at least it will make blogging as something I'm passionate about. No pressure, enjoy it, and never stop learning. I will put my best to keep doing what I love.

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nowadays, 'Blogger' becomes more complicated yah mb... :D

I do blog and I want to enjoy to share the information through my blog-post. hehehe...

keep writing, keep blogging! ;)
Hanifa said…
Thank you for the support Bang! \o/
No need domain to be called blogger. Anyone who create blog and actively blogging is a blogger, in my opinion. But nevertheless, it is a good to learn more about SEO and other related blogging stuff.

And i am really enjoying reading your post in English. Not many Indonesian blogger dare enough ti write in English.

Keep in blogging. Really happy knowing you through blogsphere.
Hanifa said…
Kak Febri: AAAAAA SENPAI NOTICED ME :')) Thank you very much for your feedback, Kak. I've been following your blog since last year to find out what's hot on blogging world. Every information that I read there, they're so useful and up-to-date. Thank you very much for sharing them. I'd like to keep in touch with you and learn more from you :'))
esthy wika said…
I dont have my own domain and am still writing to share the stories of my tiny world to the bigger one. Salaam ☺
Hanifa said…
Esthy: You'll be there. Keep writing and inspiring! ;)