The Toughest February, EVER

I don't know where to start.

Actually, the title itself tells you everything that I want to write here. Yes, I think this is the toughest February ever. Not because something bad happened to me. Well, in a nutshell, things are not going as easy as I thought it would be.

First of all, I'm still struggling as a freelance worker. I know, I've been ranting about it so many times. But I still can't figure out how to manage my time, my work, and my money. It's been tricky until now. I think I need to go to financial adviser or something.

But, to get a financial adviser, I need cash to pay them. Duh.

Last month, I got more projects to do. It will be challenging for me because I never done such thing before. I had some concerns about it. I already told my boyfriend about what I've been worrying lately. He told me to chill a lil bit. But, I can't. Maybe it takes time to get used to it. I can do this.

So, this February, I will come up with more self development tips that related to my job as a freelance worker. Because to be able to write it, I need to do it. I'm eager to learn and share more with you. I already bookmarked some articles that I read online. Also, I'm gonna finish 2 books called "How to Sell Your Art Online" by Cory Huff and "Designing Your Life" by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

I promised myself to finish it by December 2017. The reality is, it's already February and I'm still on page... of introduction. Shit. I was THAT lazy to read. I have to read more from now.

Also, there will be more beauty contents. Yup, I'm officially enjoy this new label called beauty blogger. I know where my money will go to. Before, I couldn't be 100% on it because, man, it takes sooo much effort to writer just 1 review. But then as the time went by, I finally got my formula and have my heart 100% on it.

This month, I want to learn more by meeting new people,  by reading more books, by listening more podcasts, and by watching what actually happen in society, closely. I don't know how, but I will just start. I will be 26 this month. I realize, life is short to worry too much or to overthink about everything. I'm gonna just do it.

It's not about being all positive. My life feels shitty. That's why I write the title "The Toughest February" because... it is! Some people might read this as some random bullshit about me ranting, but I actually write this to figure things out. Here I am, giving some pep talks to myself without asking people to give a shit.

But if you have any advice, let me know. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Still.

Will it be the toughest February after I share this thought? Let's see.

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you can do it sist. i know you can.
Virly Ka said…
Life is always tough, darling. But so are we.
Meidiana Kusuma said…
iyaah jadi freelancer repotnya juga pas tahunan ngitungin pajak yahh :((, gampang ga sih kak nyari adviser untuk masalah perpajakan atau urusan keuangan di Indonesia buat freelancer?
Hanifa said…
Iya kaaak masih belum nemu aku juga buat masalah perpajakan dll. Adviser yang aku tau baru @jouska_id aja yang kayanya lumayan kredibel :')
Hanifa said…
Ah... I hope I realize that sooner... :'))