5+ Things Girls Can Learn From TV Program ''Produce 101''

Any of you love watching Korean Show or KShow? What kind of KShow that you watch recently? Well, there are many variation of shows from South Korea. There's variety show like Running Man or Infinity Challenge, beauty show like Get It Beauty, or talent show like Korean's Got Talent. Recently, I've been updating to the show where 101 girls from various agencies gather to be idol group of 11 members on MBC. The show's called Produce 101.

Produce 101 is really unique and its selection is really tough too. The girls who join the show are trainees and some of them have experienced debut in a group before. As a girl who's been in the mid-twenties I already get so many things to learn. Here are the things that girls can learn from Produce 101:

1. Strong girls will never let other girls down

Instead of feeling like “I’m the strongest. You can’t beat me”, let’s change it into “Let’s getting stronger together and lean on each other in order to be much stronger”. In this case, a girl like Kim Sejong is one of the strong girls in Produce 101. 

Strong girls will never let down the other girls and make them feel weak. They courage each other and praise one another if they do good. Strong girls admire each other too. So, instead of look down on others, let's spread positive energy to be stronger.

She's in the 1st position on Produce 101 
and have a very great skill on teaching the other trainees!

2.  Happy girls are the prettiest

In “visual group” election, the happy girls intend to take people’s heart. It's not only make up that makes girls prettier, but it's also the bright personality they have. Lee Suhyun from the agency SS, for example. She loves to be kooky and silly in front of the camera sometime. She smiles brightly when talking to the other girls on Produce 101.

The girls tend to pick her because of her personality that also make the other happy only by to be on her side. So, girls don't need to much make up to be pretty. Just simply put the lovely smile on your face, then you look pretty already.

3.  Don’t be selfish or perhaps over-confident

Life is a cycle. We can be in the top then immediately get in to the bottom of our life. When we're already good, just keep it ourselves when we think that we want to praise ourselves. Instead of being over-confident, let's learn more from other people experience. 

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Or maybe like the strong girls, we can teach others when we feel like they don't have enough experience on doing something. Beside, when we're down after being over-confident, we will look for excuses to look okay to make mistake. Well, it's okay, but it's suck too.

That's suck, right? Of course.

4. Don’t misjudge someone by her appearance

Girls with cold face aren't always bad. Just because a girl has a cold face, doesn’t mean she’s really cold. A girl like Im Nayoung, for example. She keeps her facial expression with no-expression-face. When we look at her, it looks like that she can feel what others feel. 

When her friend from the same group for first battle got eliminated, she didn't cry at all. She only said that she's sad that her friend got eliminated. But in another time, she's been prank by the crew and she burst into tears. LOL. The stone girl can cry too. That's why, don't ever misjudge and tell the others that the cold-face-girl you met is mean. She just doesn't know how to express her feeling.

5. It's okay to cry

When we're sad or happy, we cry. Yes, we admit that we really love to cry especially in a very difficult time. But after difficult time, there will be great time when we will eventually cry again. It’s not that we’re weak. We’re only too sensitive about everything.

Let's just cry when we want to cry, but then let's stop crying after we feel a lot better and try to go on the difficult time with a lot more hard work. God will never put us into the situation that we can't handle. Everything's gonna be alright.

6. Work hard will always be paid

There’s no impossible in everything that we work on. Trainee from Redline agency called Kim Sohye has taught us even though it's difficult, we can get it with a little more hard work. 

We all have dreams and of course there’s the biggest one among all our dreams. Let’s make that happen not giving up already. Who knows that the falls we had in the past can lead us to be more eager to achieve it.

Girls will always be girls. We love cosmetic, we have insecurity about our body image, we cry like babies, we laugh aloud, and we act boyish sometime. But we love to be ourselves. We might be envious of one another but we always want to be better. 

For me, if someone ask me about reborn, I won’t ask to be born as boy. I love to be girl. I love myself as girl because girls are unique and I admire girls with great personality cause I want to be like ones.

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Unknown said…
IMHO, we can get those things not only from Produce 101, but from any girl/boy group survival show hahaha!
And correction for Im Nayoung part. None of the pledis girls were eliminated. The girl that asked her (who got eliminated) was the one member she was with on the group battle mission :D
Hanifa said…
Hahaha. Yes that's right. I just wat to share the things I learnt from Produce 101. Aaah thank you so much for the correction. I thought it was a girl from Pledis...