Michelle Phan: Girls Best Role Model

michelle phan

As youngsters, we get attached to YouTube more often nowadays. As the internet speed increase, we tend to browse more not only on social media like Facebook or Twitter, but watching Youtube channel as well. 

There are so many YouTube celebrities out there, but only few of them that does inspire me. Until I found Michelle Phan on YouTube. She's a humble girl who own her success in such young age. I love her and I'm sure that you love her too? Why? Here are the reasons to explain.

1. Her public speaking skill is amazing

At the beginning of her YouTube video, she didn't talk much in front of the camera. She recorded her video and then she add her voice to explain her makeup tutorial step by step. Then several videos after, she finally talked live in front of the camera and she does pretty awesome up until now.
Michelle Phan: Then and Now

2. She provides tons of tips for girls

Who doesn't like her tips? For me, I can't dislike her tips. They all are useful especially for girls. Starting from her makeup tutorial, beauty hacks, self development advice, and any other kind of tips that every girls need are all great! My current favorite is "Mastering the Art of..." because she and her crews wrapped the tips into something like module or manual but in very fun and easy way, so that everyone can learn, practice, understand, and master any kind of "art".

Mastering the Art of Oil with Michelle Phan

3. Her funny acts make us love her more

If you have watched her videos, I'm pretty sure that you saw her did something dorky when the camera on. She didn't keep her image as a sweet girl only. She's just being her. Nothing has to be hidden. Sometime I rewind her video just to see how clumsy she could be and that was so cute and adorable. She's definitely our kind of girl!

Don't you just love her being cute with her friends and her boyfriend?

4. She helps us built our confidence

This point is exactly related to point 2. She provides us tons of tips that we can apply to make ourselves more confident. She doesn't mind share her success with others because she's passionate about helping them. She helps girls to look pretty, to feel the beauty inside of them, and to make them feel comfortable about themselves. Her tips are insanely helpful.

5. Her natural beauty is almost flawless

Just admit that we all need a figure which a perfect fit for us. As a girl, I always wanted to look pretty on my natural face. But then sometime I feel that my natural face isn't as gorgeous as if I put some makeup on. But Michelle Phan is different. She looks stunning with makeup and without makeup, she looks even more stunning.

Michelle Phan shares her skin care evening routine

6. She dedicated her life to help others

If you follow her YouTube channel, you'll find that Michelle Phan have these "Pillow Talk" videos. She let her fans and followers ask her about anything. It really is like the pillow talk we had with our friends right before sleep when we came for sleepover. She helps others by trying to give them advice without judging.

Pillow Talk session with Michelle Phan

7. Her heart is full of kindness and feminist spirit

She started her video by making a makeup tutorial. And then it began to other tips which are useful for girls. Not only for their look, but also for their life. She boost our confidence by couraging us to give it try to everything that we thought impossible. 

Everything's possible if we try. We'll find a way. Michelle always say "good luck" at the end of her video. She said, "I always say good luck because my followers, they are in control of their destiny and they can create their own luck". So yes, good luck for us and for her as well.

As a girl, looking at Michelle who is so passionate to work and do her best is something that I have to learn and try. Hope we can be as passionate as her. Thank you, Michelle. Your dedication is everything.

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Wuri Wulandari said…
Aku baru tau tentang sosok Michelle phan :D
hihihi ndeso ya >.< (maklum emak-emak)

Cerdas, Multitalenta dan wow Cantik Banget
Hanifa said…
Dia umurnya juga dah pantes jadi emak2 kok Mbak. Udah 27 ato 28 gitu :D
Puputse said…
gw dah lama tau mbak Pan, tapi sayang entah kenapa videonya kurang aplicable buat gw..
Hanifa said…
Nggak semua bisa diaplikasiin sih... Tapi menarik buat disimak :D
aku suka banget mbak sama Michelle phan..daily tipsnya sukaa banget :)
Hanifa said…
Iyaaaa sama aku juga sukaaaa. Tapi dia lagi hiatus bikin video di channel youtube nya :'

Semoga dia segera balik setelah reborn Em Cosmetics :')
Nuzhatul Ussak said…
Definitely I'll be back again Fa. Ini ninggalin jejak dulu. Mau maem dulu hehehe
Anw, I'm a big fans of Michelle and been following her for ages... penasaran sama artikel ini tp blm sempet kebaca hahahaaaa
Hanifa said…
Me too! I love her since her very first youtube video!