Starting Over Some Good Habits

It's been a looooong time since my previous heart-to-heart post. This year I've been seeking time to be really into free writing, but no. I didn't make time to do it. Now I'm here, back with some thoughts to be written on blog and feeling stress-less because it's not a sponsored post HAHAHA

I'm just kidding. I love sponsored post, especially the invoice part.

Anyway, this year has been nerve wrecking, I guess. There are too much too handle and I can't believe that I overcome some challenges already. I wanted to write "overcome some difficulties" but then I realize that I probably gonna face the same kind of things so I decided to just write "challenges". Because it was - or they were - definitely challenging.

What kind of life aspect that has been challenging so far? Well, you name it. Family matter, relationship, career, financial, friendship, spiritual, physical, mostly every aspects in my life have been challenged so far. I must admit that adulting is kinda suck sometime. But that's how you mentally grow. Those difficulties will make you even stronger, smarter, and wiser.

Being strong is not enough, I think. The fact that I need to face the reality that rarely meet my expectation is somehow hurt. When it comes to social media, it is so easy to compare yourself and make you think that you're not good enough. Yes, I never feel enough and I believe some part of dreams will be some illusions that can't happen in the future.

And that's when I realize, I am way more negative than I think I was. Shit! How can I talk shits about myself that much?

So now I choose to focus on myself. I know that those thoughts of negativity won't leave me sooner, but I choose to build some good habits and start over. It's probably impossible, but I'll try to start it small. Small steps for some bigger moves. What are those?

1. Waking up at 5AM and not sleeping again

Subuh prayer is THE HARDEST time to be fully awake, I admit that. To be honest, I sometime overslept and casually skip it. I'm a bad muslim, I know. So start from now, I will just wake up at 5AM and not going to bed again after.

I don't know what I'm gonna do actually. I probably will jump into my exercise shoes and start working out in the morning. And that's the explanation for point 2.

2. Working out at home

I've been stingy with money, I believe. Instead of spend some money on gym membership, I will just workout at home in the morning before going to work. I believe that to be very effective because I mostly skip workout after work. After work is for meeting with my boyfriend - or my bed - and just chilling.

Probably I'm just too lazy to move my butt. But hey, I usually come home at late night and there's no aerobic class after 7 or 8 PM. And going to the gym at that hour, there will be men all over the place and I don't feel comfortable with that. So, yeah, morning workout at home, with 30 minutes of zumba and dumble exercise video is my win-win solution for that.

3. Having fruits or simply Energen for breakfast

Rice, I believe, is bad as breakfast for me. Because I tend to eat and crave more, easier to be hungry and sleepy. It's like drugs: super addictive. So I need to cut it off or simply decrease the amount of rice that I consume in the morning... or any other time.

I've been trying to drink only Energen in the morning then having a cup of less-sugar tea. IT WAS SOOO GOOD. It helps me to be calmer, more focus, and feeling less dizzy. I can get my work done before lunch and be more relax at noon. And if I have my lunch portion just right, I won't feel too sleepy. I'm proud of myself when I can cut the amount of rice from in my meal *self pat*

4. Using skincare, at AM and PM

Well, there are times when I don't feel the necessary to put skincare on. Now, I think I should put it in the morning or night before sleep in order to get healthier skin. After having full-time job at office, I tend to break out outside my period and it's not a good sign. I don't think that it's only because of the amount of stress that I get from work, but also the effect of neglecting my skincare routine.

It's time consuming, I get it. To put decent amount of skincare and do your makeup in the morning before work does sound challenging. But I don't mind spend more time to take care of myself. So I will get my skincare routine done, at AM and PM, so that I my skin's condition can get better day by day.

5. Deep read 2 high quality articles and 10 pages of a book per day

For someone who has been in such difficulties to make time reading, I think it's quite challenging. But if I can scroll those tweets and watching those Insta-stories, I believe that I can find more time to read. Making a goal like read 2 books per month looks difficult for me. 

So I choose to set 10 pages of a book per day, regardless what kind of book it is. Currently, I read the book "Remote" that I borrow from my office and haven't finished it yet. I've been on and off reading this book for almost... 3 months. Geez, that's a long time to finish a book. I need to finish and get it back ASAP!

Alright, I think those are 3 things that I want to start altogether at once from now on. I want to be more productive, be more discipline, and feel good about myself. So, yes, I will start doing them this week. Hope I can be consistent with those habit. Amen!

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