The Power of "No"

The Power of "No"

The heart wants to say "no", but the mouth blurt out the word "yes". Have you ever done that before? I bet some of you have done it. Not because of the reason of laziness. It's just about what you're really willing to do. Why can't you say "no" when you know that say "yes" will only bother you all the time?

1. You don't want people to unlike you for saying "no"

I can tell some of you feel the same way too. It's just so hard to say "no" when someone beg to you about something that you think it's impossible for you. You say "yes" because you think it will make everything easier when things are maybe gonna get more difficult than you thought. So yes, you say "yes" because those people that ask you to do the "impossible" is likely to hate you if you say "no".

2. You have no choice

I fight about the issue of having no choice. It takes longer because I have such no will to do it. I said "yes" to something I really don't like and I don't want to deal with. And I know exactly the time I see it came to me, it's been so difficult to get rid of it. I couldn't say "no" to someone who wants me to do something on her favor.

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At that time, I didn't find enough proves to say "no" because it's related to research study things. So I said "yes" to her. When I found out that my friends allowed to do something that I couldn't do in order to fulfill her favor, I was so mad. No. I am. I'm still mad and upset right until now. So yes, I say "yes" because I was so stupid that I didn't convince her hundreds times to reconsider my choice.

3. You tend to believe that saying "yes" is for good reason

Well... maybe saying "yes" is for good. But who knows, right? What your heart tells you sometime fit enough with reality that you face. Not every single thing in this world is ruled by your logic. Sometime we have to listen, deep in our heart, is it the right thing? Based on what happen to me, oh yeah I should've known that my heart and logic weren't capable of synchronizing towards one another. I thought that saying "yes" will make everything easier.

But no. My heart persuades my logic strongly that now my logic doesn't want to accept the fact that I already blurted out the word "yes". It tends to follow my heart who said "no" from the first place. So yes, I say "yes" because I think it's for good reason when actually it just gets me faster to my life crisis.

Saying "yes" or "no", it's all your choice. Whether it will be easy or difficult, just work on it and let God help you to work on rest of your hard work. After all, everything happens for reason. It's your decision to try or let go. Let's do the best.

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halo hanifaa..bener bgt sih ini..sama kayak aku dulu susah bilang No krn mau nyenengin banyak org..pada akhirnya malah suka dimamfaatkan..sekarang udh mulai tegas blng ngak dan bodo amat hehhehehe
Hanifa said…
Iya Mbak harus mulai dibiasain bilang "nggak" kalo bener-bener tidak bisa :')