7 Blogpost Topics That Worth to Write

Blogging for me isn't a new thing. I've been having blog for about 7 years now. But to be serious on blogging, I can say that I'm still a newbie. I decided to get serious with blogging in this year because I think a future investment where blogging can be something that I work on. So I learn little by little, like making my blog SEO friendly, join to some blogger community, and write posts with better quality than ones I wrote before.

As you can see on my blog, I separate my blogpost into 5 sections. There's self development, social, beauty, entertainment, and tourism. They are the topics that I used to write on my blog. I don't have any specific niche but I can tell that majorly my blog is about girls and me as a girl. That's why the title of my blog is "A Girl Thoughts" because it's literally the thoughts of a me, the girl behind the blog. I talked about so many things but there are actually some topic that I really want to seriously write. What are those topics?

1. Beauty Product Review

To be honest, I love to read anything related to beauty, especially beauty tips and beauty products. I'm a girl so it's not a new thing, right? But for me, to write the review of beauty product is a special thing. Because you have to be really specific on describing the products, the effect of the product after using it, the actual price, where to get it, how to apply them, etc.

So many beauty products out there but I don't know why am I not ready to write reviews about them. Maybe because I rarely buy them and there are already reviews of them on internet. But if you want to start something new on your blog, I think it's worth to try. Just start from the products that you use.

2. Plus-size Fashion Haul

I'm a big girl so I think I can talk about things related to big girls. Plus size fashion is definitely my thing. The thing is I rarely buy clothes. So I really am confused how to write anything related to plus-size fashion. If you have the same problem like me, maybe we can talk about the tips how to style for plus size fashion.

For example, if we have a cardigan, try to give some example how to style it with a t-shirt, a robe, jeans, accessories, or anything that can pair up with the cardigan. So if you're too confuse like me, let's just start for that kind of simple thing to start writing about plus size fashion haul.

3. Book Resume

As a library scent's fan, I really like myself to be surrounded by books. I like reading since I was in kindergarten. My parents used to buy me bunch of books to make me keep quiet but what happened was totally unexpected. I asked my Dad a lot until he got confused. LOL. Since books take part on my life, I can't leave a month without reading a book.

Well, at least a book per month. I think it's gonna be good idea if I start resuming the books that I read so I can at least increase my interest to read more every month. From here, I hope I can inspire people to read more as well.

4. My Favorite People

I never talked about a specific favorite person beside the important people in my life like my friends or my family members. I talked about them because they have a special space in my heart. They also inspire me to be better and do the good things. But as a human being, I always look for some role models that can inspire me to get new perspectives.

Meeting new friends, getting know new people, it helps me to accept the difference in a better way. Maybe by writing about my favorite people, not only the close ones but also the famous ones that I like, it can make other people inspired too. Learning new things from others can make a great impact on ourselves, so yeah let's try this.

5. Room Decoration

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'd know that I have a board called "Decoration". Actually, I don't decorate much. I only decorate my room and it's not that ideally like the ones on Pinterest. LOL. But I definitely have some interest on decorating room or house. If my Mom let me to decorate our house, it'd probably look different right now. But no, she won't let me. So when I have my own house, I'd like to put my touch and reviewing the decoration that I apply. Hope I get the chance to make ones and have my very own house. Soon. Amin.

6. Travelling Journey

I'm not a travelling person. I get tired so fast on my way to some recreation destination. Once I get there, I'll be so excited exploring then I get exhausted. LOL. But actually, I really love to write what happen there on my journey, how I get there, how much money I spend on it, etc.

So I think I will make sure that later if I already have a job, I want to at least go travelling twice a year or going to some museums & recreation destiny on weekend. I'd like to share it so people can have any good recommendation about some places that worth to be visited on holiday or for spending some leisure time.

7. Investigation Story

You love the story of Detective Conan or Sherlock Holmes? Or the movie like Spotlight? Well, me too. I like the complication even though sometime I didn't get what's the story actually is. If I can re-watch it, I'd watch it again and again until I understand.

In investigation story, there's something hidden and it's what makes it really interesting to be watched. People seem guessing at factor A, but actually it's B factor that really matter to the story. We have to analyze to understand it. I don't know if investigation story fits me, but it really is interesting. Because there are so many hoax out there and sometime I'd like to look for other perspective which perhaps only few people recognize it.

Well, maybe later if I got a very serious case and someone want me to investigate more and reveal the truth behind it. Who knows, right?

So, those are the topics that I want to start writing/ write more next time. For me, they are really worth topic to be written on our blog and we can develop them more after we start. Hope you get some inspirations of blogpost topic that worth to write. If you have any recommendation of topics, please leave comments. Good luck and see you on my next post!

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